By focusing on a non-work-related task, you’re giving your mind something else to focus on. And when you really get in the flow, all of your worries and stresses seem to fade away.

We all need a healthy distraction that takes our thoughts off negative problems or challenges. Painting helps me push the refresh button on my clattered thoughts. I actually have more than one hobby. I read in my leisure time but I see that more of a necessity for improving myself as a person. I do collages. I take photographs but lately it’s been shifting more into a profession than a hobby. That’s one of the many good results of hobbies… After a while you might think of turning your part-time passion into full-time job. You get more creative enjoying your hobby time and this motivates you to be more creative at work or in your education.

5 tips for university students:

  1. Joining activity clubs; whether it’s camping, photography or debate, you’ll either make time for your favorite activities or discover new ones. It’s a win-win situation, choose something that interests you. You’ll also make new friends.
  2. Making time for yourself; I know hanging with friends can be fun after classes but trust me, you need your “me time” to just sit back & do something to relax too.
  3. Do that one thing you’ve been delaying; whether it’s a one day trip to the islands or a city nearby, go on a trip, or stay home and do some knitting, or go to a concert even if exams are coming up, you need motivation, you need to boost your mood once a while. Scheduling your time will help you make time even in your busiest of times.
  4. Don’t delay studies, it’ll only be harder to study right before the exams; I know most of you people binge study the week before the exams but that only adds to your stress. This year I’ve been sparing a day per week to revise classes & I’ve benefitted so much.
  5. Organize your schedule; this may seem easy but it’s not. Make yearly, monthly, weekly to-do lists and wish-lists. Somethings are better written down than at the corner or your mind left to be forgotten in time. Want to visit an art gallery? Is there a concert soon? Organize your schedule so it’s easier to make time for your family, friends and most importantly yourself. No more cancelling clashing rendezvous, you’re organized, everything is under control!


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