At eleven in the morning, as the students of Radio & Television Programming major and our Photography teacher Çelik Şengönül and Camera Techniques teacher Orhan Tanakıncı, we were on our way to Büyükada for an open-air practical class. It was raining heavily but we had our raincoats and cameras ready for an adventure and a little escape from the noise of the city.

The ferry left exactly at 12 in the afternoon from Prince Islands pier in Eminönü with bubbles and hopes that the rain would stop when we reach our destination. After ninety minutes of amazing Bosphorus scenery, we were welcomed by the empty streets of Büyükada. Rainy day brought not many tourists. I was hoping to meet some of the local residents.

It was the last days of Autumn and I was amazed to see tangerines and so many different flowers that I haven’t seen back in the city. So it is true, the weather is really different here in the Islands. This gateway was also a good chance to get to know our classmates. Most of us bonded on this trip.

Real purpose of our journey was to experiment with our cameras with the guide of our teachers. So our teachers asked for us to take 3 minutes of video & a photograph of ‘The City and Its People’ from our point of view. They later on checked our videos and photographs and gave insight on how to improve. It really was a very productive day in spite of the weather.


And lastly I couldn’t have missed not mentioning the cats & dogs of Büyükada. (It’s ironic how it was raining cats & dogs during our trip.) These cute creatures werephotogenic and very friendly. I’m a little bit heart broken that I didn’t get to see the Hagia Yorgi church. I hope to visit again in a better weather with hopes of getting a Phaeton or bicycle ride.


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